£mpty W[]rd§</3

Addicted:c 26 January 2012 Text size: A A
I am a empty shell. I am only the little boy i once was stuck trapped forever in this shell. I open my mouth to talk to you. No words come. You open your mouth and only empty words come out and swarm my ears trying to find a way to drill into my brain. "your a waste of my time" they say. "i feel sorry for anyone who ever encounters or has to suffer through your life with you" they say. "go die" "your not worth the time you waste" "no one loves you just save everyone the suffering and do it now" the voices fade in from no where. The blade fades into my hand from the iron air trapted around me. Before i know it i have 30 cuts. 40 cuts. I finally stop. Finally numb. more of your empty words swarm me. Look in my eyes and you'll see every single word and every single thing you ever made me do to myself. Look into my eyes and you'll never see me the same. Look at me and you'll see me for me, not the freak shell i have to live in. Look with your eyes wide open to beauty and you'll see me for me and every angel you have ever made make a horrible choice to end their life. I am strong you will never get me to end my life. </3 no matter how many empty words you ever use</3

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