silence </3

Addicted:c 24 January 2012 Text size: A A
the silence scares me. It takes its darkness and suffacates me with the dust built up and the souls lost looking for a way out. The silence screams the truth so loud that you sink to the center of my heart. my heart thumps with the weird off beat pattern and pumps the emptyness through my body. The silence is what they call me. The silence is what kills me. The silence is what makes us all into our worse fears. . . We are all lost souls, victims of the silence from within ourselves. Silence is the number one killer of me and you. It drags us into the cold and hold us in a dark embrace until we snap and go crazy from the lonlyness. Only then is silence happy. Ive been pulled out into the cold for a month and a half, silence will never break me because i never known anything else. Silence is my one and only true friend V.V </3

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